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Yes, your discretion is essential to us, our packages come in plain cardboard box without any notifying information.

Orders are usually processed and shipped within two to three days of approving an order. Most orders are delivered within five days of shipment, but be aware that this can vary depending on the country.

Yes, this is possible! special request like this needs to requested via email and in the comments sections when placing order.

First please wash toy with soap and water before using.  Only use WATER-BASED LUB! any other type of lub will destroy material of the toy. Then be creative, explore your body and have fun.

Press the power button and hold for about 3s-6s a red light will appear. press one more time to activate vibrations of your choice.

Press the power button and hold for about 3s-6s.

Yes, all our toys are 100% waterproof to maximize your pleasure. Also our products are super easy to clean.

All toys have a USB charging port. Charging ports are on the toy labeled as DC, some toys have a magnet adaptor for charging. Lights will start to blink, indicating a recharge is needed. When lights are steady, this means the device is fully charged.  It is best to charge them when they are completely empty to save their battery life. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges on our items. All toys that have a warranty sticker in product description area can be replaced under warranty only if they are malfunctioning.  Please reference our Warranty and Return policy link in the footer of site.